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Image: How to Engage Gen Y Employees

Since launching two years ago, the WooBoard team has grown; and with it has our knowledge and understanding on the importance of recognition and praise. I recently published a post summarizing author Dan Pink’s presentation on what motivates and engages employees in the modern workplace, here’s a deeper analysis:

Image: Employee Responsibility and Recognition

Motivating employees is about creating a workplace environment where employees are engaged and recognized via communication with leaders. Modern business leaders have shifted their focus to create a happier and more productive workplace in order to retain their businesses. Employee engagement is one of the best contributing factors to employee motivation and productivity. Nonetheless, some …

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The biggest returns are generated by the most dynamic businesses and the most dynamic businesses are built by the most highly motivated – and happiest – staff. These organisations are able to: Attract and retain the best staff, while reducing staff turnover; Achieve higher levels of job satisfaction and motivation; Improve productivity, efficiency and effectiveness; …

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