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Peer recognition

What can we learn about peer recognition from a Nobel Prize winner in economics and a piece of advice relating to how to raise children. Two things, I suggest. First, employee recognition is likely to be even more important than we thought it was. Second, employee recognition should come not just from management but also …

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Image: How to Engage Gen Y Employees

This week I thought I’d focus on the ‘big picture’ in the current world of workplace engagement. I came across an article by Jullien Gordon on the behavioural aspects of Gen Y employees and the challenge of value alignment in modern management. “Gen Y want to feel as though they are contributing more than just a …

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The biggest returns are generated by the most dynamic businesses and the most dynamic businesses are built by the most highly motivated – and happiest – staff. These organisations are able to: Attract and retain the best staff, while reducing staff turnover; Achieve higher levels of job satisfaction and motivation; Improve productivity, efficiency and effectiveness; …

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Employee engagement and retention

We’ve all been there – our workloads are piling up; consistently churning out work to meet yet more work with little thanks or praise for our efforts. Unfortunately this cycle is all too common in workplaces across the world, and while work is being produced, it also comes with a number of by-products: stress and …

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Steve Jobs helped design Pixar offices

I’m not sure how many times I’ve written the words ‘employee engagement’ and ‘employee communication’ in the past week, but with my new obsession to find decent blogging websites about such topics, I stumbled across the interesting subject of Pixar. “Steve Jobs believed that unplanned collaborations were vitally important to the company culture, this atrium space …

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