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It is crucial in the modern workplace that management maintains an engaged and productive business culture. With industries and markets being constantly competitive, developing unique strategies is the ultimate key to company success.

Image: How to Engage Gen Y Employees

This week I thought I’d focus on the ‘big picture’ in the current world of workplace engagement. I came across an article by Jullien Gordon on the behavioural aspects of Gen Y employees and the challenge of value alignment in modern management. “Gen Y want to feel as though they are contributing more than just a …

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Image: Shrek

In an industry that relies on originality of ideas to become successful and build a strong audience; as well as competing against a firm spearheaded by business innovator and mastermind Steve Jobs (Pixar); it’s no surprise that DreamWorks Animation Studios utilize a number of interesting and unorthodox tactics to engage its workforce, fostering an greater …

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