Image: Employee Responsibility and Recognition

Challenges of employee engagement

Motivating employees is about creating a workplace environment where employees are engaged and recognized via communication with leaders. Modern business leaders have shifted their focus to create a happier and more productive workplace in order to retain their businesses.

Employee engagement is one of the best contributing factors to employee motivation and productivity. Nonetheless, some business leaders interpret employee engagement in an inappropriate way, and may cause a critical threat to the business. The following are possible challenges that employers need to overcome in order for effective employee engagement:

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Motivate employees, let them self-actualize

Why do we care whether our employees are highly motivated or engaged?

It is widely acknowledged that the level of motivation is highly correlated with the level of productivity and work effort. Motivated employees proactively communicate and engage with others in workplaces leading to building creative ideas.

But, a lot of management approaches to employees with inappropriate ways to motivate and recognize them. The reason most employee motivation efforts fail would be the poor understanding of the definition of motivation.

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Measuring and monitoring organisational wellbeing

The biggest returns are generated by the most dynamic businesses and the most dynamic businesses are built by the most highly motivated – and happiest – staff. These organisations are able to:

  • Attract and retain the best staff, while reducing staff turnover;
  • Achieve higher levels of job satisfaction and motivation;
  • Improve productivity, efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Deliver the best results on the bottom line.

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Steve Jobs helped design Pixar offices

Workplace communication and employee engagement at Pixar

I’m not sure how many times I’ve written the words ‘employee engagement’ and ‘employee communication’ in the past week, but with my new obsession to find decent blogging websites about such topics, I stumbled across the interesting subject of Pixar.

“Steve Jobs believed that unplanned collaborations were vitally important to the company culture, this atrium space was to act as a melting pot of meeting space.” (Stephen Searer)

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