Fun things to do on a Friday afternoon in “The Office”

The Friday afternoon grind can be extremely difficult to endure. The way to tackle it is to break it up with some fun activities and humour. So where can you draw inspiration from to get your Friday afternoon funnies? Well fortunately, television is filled with examples of office-based comedy, with the premise of show “the Office” entirely revolving around this concept. Here are some suggestions from the US version:

Imitation charades:

Who can forget the time Jim hired an impersonator of himself to confuse Dwight. Similarly he also dressed up as Dwight and acted out typical “Dwightisms” to annoy him in an earlier episode. These moments were so comedic because of the strong characterisation of Dwight in the television series.
Maybe you have someone like Dwight in the office in which you work, someone who is competitive and “brown noses” up to the boss. But, the best way to incorporate these pranks is to get the whole office involved. Because of how long you spend at work, you probably know your coworkers better than anyone else. So, like Michael Scott assigns each member of the office a nationality for others to discriminate against them around in the episode about diversity, assign each of your workers one of their coworkers to emulate, and have the others guess their identity

Coffee office obstacle course

What you may not remember is the episode in the workers in “the Office” held an obstacle course. To increase the difficulty, workers completed the obstacle course holding two open full cups of coffee. Of course, because Dwight is so competitive, he makes it hilarious by proceeding to race through the obstacles spilling hot coffee all over himself, yelping all the way through. This could be a very fun challenge to imitate in your own workplace, but to make this more safe, fill the cups with cold water and make it a disqualifying error to spill any water

What Stanley won’t notice

For an entire episode the workers of “the Office” try to make Stanley notice as many crazy antics as they can. This comes after Jim realises that Stan didn’t at all notice the difference between drinking orange juice instead of coffee by accident. Things escalate quickly with Dwight standing with a pony and Pam saying goodbye to Stan wearing a moustache, all the while he is none the wiser. These kinds of antics could work for some comic relief in your workplace, say, to try to get the boss to notice two employees having switched desks for example

Lip dub

This is a classic opening to an episode of “the Office” when all of the workers lip sync over the track “Nobody but me” by the Isley brothers, and you definitely should check it out if you haven’t encountered it thus far. A similar activity could be incredibly fun for lovers of music and acting in your own workplace

So have some fun with these ideas from the US version of “the Office”. These can help you get through Friday afternoon grind, or any slow period in the working week more quickly. What you desperately want to avoid, is holding a fire drill like the crazy one that Dwight runs, or, on the flip side, holding a meeting so boring that Pam fakes labour to escape.

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