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We’ve added a whole raft of new features to our WooBoard platform to help you better motivate teams and improve employee engagement. These are the new features: The WooBoard rewards store, now open for the first time in Australia. It lets you send digital rewards to recognise employee accomplishments. The WooBoard anniversaries and services badge. This automates …

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We are excited to announce WooBoard has just been acquired by REFFIND. This is an exciting opportunity for our company and for our valued customers. REFFIND is a market leading mobile employee engagement platform, committed to revolutionising how organisations recruit, engage, educate, reward and recognise their employees. WHAT CHANGES? The WooBoard platform will be added to …

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Image of Excited and Happy Employee

We tend to think of quality time as the precious hours we spend memory-making with loved ones.  And yet, the reality is that we spend more time with those we work with. So why does it follow that we therefore don’t view time spent in the workplace with our co-workers as “quality time”. Or is …

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Tips for Engaging Employees

Guest post by Rianne Hunter Although bosses have a variety of responsibilities that they must complete in order to ensure that their businesses function well, maintaining positive, productive relationships with their employees can be one of their most difficult tasks to accomplish. Unfortunately, many bosses find themselves engaging in activities that actually detract from the …

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It is crucial in the modern workplace that management maintains an engaged and productive business culture. With industries and markets being constantly competitive, developing unique strategies is the ultimate key to company success.

Image: Google Logo

How can we maintain engagement in the modern workplace? In researching the top companies in the world that are smashing the employee engagement game; I couldn’t leave out a key, innovative (and arguably the best) player: Google. “Nurturing the people in your organization doesn’t require expensive perks or touchy-feely gimmicks. It’s about motivating, engaging and …

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Image: How to Engage Gen Y Employees

Since launching two years ago, the WooBoard team has grown; and with it has our knowledge and understanding on the importance of recognition and praise. I recently published a post summarizing author Dan Pink’s presentation on what motivates and engages employees in the modern workplace, here’s a deeper analysis: