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Image: How to Engage Gen Y Employees

This week I thought I’d focus on the ‘big picture’ in the current world of workplace engagement. I came across an article by Jullien Gordon on the behavioural aspects of Gen Y employees and the challenge of value alignment in modern management. “Gen Y want to feel as though they are contributing more than just a …

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One of the most difficult aspects of workplace engagement is not only maintaining motivation; but also figuring out the measurable organizational value of a company. Within this article we will define what measurable organizational value means; as well as why it is important to promoting a more engaging and productive business culture.

With flattened management approaches becoming more and more common in contemporary business landscapes, it is crucial to engage teams of employees for product innovation and effective project development. The technological boom has created a huge connectivity boost but at the same time been detrimental to the engagement, motivation and focus of individual employees.

Here’s another video from HR mastermind Dan Pink; examining the neurological process of motivation and the “3rd Drive” employees have when they attempt conceptual work that challenges their creativity.