Love your work: Having small company culture as a big company

There is a famous story once spoken about NASA. Upon his visit to the Houston Mission Control, then President John F. Kennedy saw a man scrubbing the floors vigorously. Upon being questioned of his motives, the man simply replied “I’m putting a man on the moon”.
It goes without saying that often small companies have much better culture than a big one. To do this you need to understand your work matters, have a mission focus and build big.

The difficulty in building a company for growth while maintaining its culture can be something akin to trying to run along a tightrope. For those of you who have done slack-lining, you may understand how difficult this is!

So the question remains, how do you maintain your small company ethos at a big company?

Your work matters

The hardest part about working at a big company is understanding that no matter how large the company, your work matters. It’s easy to feel like you are a cog in a machine when sitting in a confined cubicle, and by extension, it’s even easier to feel like neither you nor your work matters.

The truth is, as the great entrepreneur Richard Branson once said “a company is just a group of people, so you need to treat them like one”. The Virgin ethos applies all the way down to the furthest employees from the core. Put simply, treating people like both they and their work matter is a sure fire way to make sure your company grows while still being positioned for maintaining your culture.

Mission focus

It goes without saying that having a mission focus for your organisation is incredibly important if you want to keep your small company ethos.

Big companies can often get caught up in one thing and one thing alone, money. More sales, bigger deals, better metrics, operational efficiency become the norm, and the core mission goes out the window.
Smaller companies usually do this type of thing really well. They’ll start by proposing a mission statement that goes above and beyond the usual idea of focusing on money. Money is not the goal at a smaller company, money is the outcome. For smaller companies, performance become the goal.
Having a focus on the mission statement at heart can help keep your company culture balanced, ensuring that people don’t get over-excited when things are going well, and don’t get too down when things are going poorly.

Build Big

The hardest part about being in a large company is being so focused on increasing optimal efficiency of an existing product. This is where “the rot” sets in. Company culture goes down the drain when a company loses its ambition.
To stop this, it’s important to recognise that often the only thing that separates a small company from a big one is its ambition. By having this ambition and drive to constantly be reinventing and redefining new or existing products, you can be assured that the company in totality will be clearly positioned for the future.

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