8 Funny employee awards

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that humor is good for you. In fact, having a good laugh has been shown to benefit your mental well-being, your cardiovascular health and your creativity and productivity in the workplace.

Humour physically releases endorphins in the brain, chemicals which improve mood and decrease stress. Studies have shown this effect to be so potent that pain tolerance in increased when a person is laughing. In the workplace, this improved mood and reduced stress translates into greater creativity and reduced productivity, through reduced absenteeism, improved sense of belonging to a team, and generally through the association of work with more positive emotions.

So to amp up the levels of comedy in the office, why not present funny and satirical awards to your employees? Present at a Friday afternoon end of week wrap-up meeting for a little tongue and cheek humour, allow them to laugh at themselves and their coworkers and let out some of that office tension pent up from the week.

Funny Employee Awards

Here are 8 examples of some great gag awards below:

  1. The Golden Shovel: awarded to the member of the team that digs themself into the biggest hole
  2. The Academy Award: best acting in the office, awarded to the best performer when it comes to a sales pitch or product demonstration
  3. The Pacifier: given to the person who resolves office conflicts, or to the person who has the biggest dummy spits. If you want to get even more humour out of this one, present both awards on alternating weeks, and let them guess what they got the award for!
  4. The Carl Sagan Space-Time continuum award: for the employee who doesn’t have the best grip of time
  5. The Loch Ness award: whenever you’re looking for them, they’re nowhere to be found, and you’re not even convinced that they work here but play along anyway.
  6. The Big Stinker: for the person who eats smelly food. Also could be for something else less pleasant…
  7. Office Mum: whoever is taking care of everyone around the office, male or female. Could also be the paired with “Office Baby”. 
  8. The Golden Paperclip: for the one who holds everything together when it’s all falling apart. Also references the Microsoft Office paperclip in Windows 98 that is always around and asking for assistance, only to be shut down moments later.

Providing some stress relief in the form of humour to employees is essential in the modern workplace. This is especially true if the work is physically, mentally or emotionally taxing in some way, as most workplaces tend to be. Dealing with this work, day in, day out can lead to burnout, but it is these short intervals or humour that break up the day which can build resilience in our employees. It is quite easy to get overwhelmed by stress, and become overly emotional and down. The best response that we have when it comes to dealing with these heightened states is to let it all out with some laughter.

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