EOFY Celebrations: How to let off steam in a Healthy way

Celebrations are a great way to build culture and a sense of teamwork and camaraderie in the office,  especially when your employees have been stretched to achieve all of their end of financial year deadlines. However, while it is important to have an end of financial year celebration to allow your employees to let off some steam, you should also be wary of the potentially unhelpful things that can occur when coworkers and alcohol mix. Building in some safeguards into your end of financial celebration planning can help you avoid some dangerous and potentially awkward situations. Here are our top 4 tips to make sure your end of financial year celebrations run smoothly.

Enforcing Policies around conduct

While policies around workplace behaviour are important and should be up to date at all times,  it may be an especially effective reminder to ensure all compliance training is up to date around celebration time. This is especially true when alcohol causes people to lose their inhibitions. Ensure that harassment policy, acceptable workplace behaviour and social media policy is clear in your employees minds by sending an email reminder in the days leading up to the celebration. If you feel it is necessary, you can also hold a workshop roleplaying various scenarios to ensure that all of your employees know what acceptable behaviour looks like.

Occupational Health and Safety matters

Don’t forget about occupational health and safety as a requirement of the celebration. Even if you decide to hold a celebration “off-premises”, you should ensure that occupational health and safety standards are up to scratch. This includes doing an inspection of the venue before the event, ensuring that there are no tripping hazards and that the fire exits and venue policies are well displayed.

Facilitate Safe travels

It’s not up to you to provide transport for the attendees at your end of financial year celebration party. However, for extra safety and that piece of mind, you can simply pre-order taxis, inform your guests of their public transport options or facilitate designated drivers and carpooling. This will help ensure everyone who attends your celebration has a safe route home.

So be sure to enjoy your end of financial year celebration party, and with these tips have a safe start to the new financial year, with stress behind your employees, refreshed and morale boosted!

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