The Domino Effect: Why Employee Engagement Matters

Most people find themselves at work with “dead periods”, or periods where they won’t be able to do a whole bunch of work. The most common manifestation of this is a term known as the “three-thirties” , a reference to the time of day that people seem to tune out of their work.
A friend of mine recently made a post on Facebook that went a little something like this:

Work is going nowhere this afternoon; I’ve been trading memes with my boss and replacing my colleagues name tags with mispelled versions of their names.

Though this might seem like a funny way to consume time at work, it isn’t helpful to the working culture, and ultimately brings others that are involved into the same space, minimising productivity and overall output.

If an employee is not engaged, they have the potential to disrupt their colleagues, creating a domino effect.

The Domino effect

When Nuclear Physicists were studying the effects an atomic bomb would have when it went off, they discovered that when a bomb went off, the protons that were released from the reaction bumped into other protons, causing an enormous chain reaction. From this point forward, science understood the mechanisms at which a single “stray proton” could cause significant damage. In our case, the stray proton is an employee that’s distracted, and not engaged.

How do we prevent the Domino effect?

The simple answer, however difficult it may be is to have roles in your company that people desire to be in, and match that by being a company people want to work for. It’s very difficult for companies to retain staff without having a good sense of culture, and a desirable company profile.

If this isn’t possible, Employee Engagement platforms like WooBoard are a great way to turn the tide, and keep employees engaged.

WooBoard is a peer to peer recognition platform where your employees can send public messages of thanks and appreciation to their colleagues. Sign up for your free 14-Day Trial of WooBoard today.

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