There seems to be a lot of advice on ways to do employee recognition nowadays, but very few of them are fun. Sure, it’s nice to tell your employees that they are being recognised for their good work, but it’s very difficult to build employee engagement without a degree of fun.
Fun is a word that gets used a lot when describing things outside of work, so it’s no wonder that it rarely gets a mention in work due to the connotations that it has with relaxation. At WooBoard, we like the word fun because it has a lot of positive connotations, and when paired with work, can make anything instantly better.

How to create a sense of fun in an employee recognition program

One of the best ways to build an employee recognition program is to centre it around something fun, and find ways to incorporate fun into employee recognition. It’s not an easy feat to do, and can be very difficult if you find it doesn’t fit with your company culture. When done well though, the results can be extraordinary.
Nevertheless, here are 3 fun ways to do an employee recognition program.

  1. Create an award around fun personalities:
    One of the best and most fun ways to build a employee recognition program is to create an award based on the personality of a person, rather than performance. For instance, if an employee brightens people’s day with their smile, or has a great laugh, why not call that out? If someone makes work more enjoyable, have an award for that.
  2. Blend in a sense of humour into your recognition.
    Perhaps someone has a great, but embarrassing story that they tell well, or a great nickname. Creating a humorous award shows employees that as a management team you actually listen. One of the best awards we’ve ever seen was referred to as the “David Boon Moustache Award for Inappropriate Moustaches”. Though this award is meaningless, it shows that the company has a sense of humour. That matters.
  3. Make a fun day, to recognise your employees in a fun way
    It goes without saying that employee recognition is a very important thing to do. While there are many different ways to recognise employees for doing good work, one of the best ways is to create a fun day to recognise that good work. Whether it is something small like going out to a bowling alley, or a day of hiking, taking employees outside of the office helps create a sense that they are more than just employees of a company, but part of one tribe.

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