Adopting an attitude of gratitude

Everyone loves a good slogan.

That’s why phrases like “Live. Laugh. Love” are plastered across houses over the world. We love to distill messages into phrases that can be pushed out into the world. One of the ones that we use here at WooBoard is the “attitude of gratitude”.

The attitude of gratitude is a simple but effective way for us to build our culture. We don’t need to use corporate jargon to show gratitude, as it is simply our attitude that breeds this positive mentality. It shows each of our team members that we care for each other, and helps bring about a culture that rewards people for being thankful. Adopting an attitude of gratitude helps the company at every layer, influencing our team decisions and overall team culture every step of the journey. But why does it work so well?

Why gratitude works

Gratitude works because it helps us bring context into everything we do, at a company and team level.

On a day-to-day basis, gratitude is simply the practice of saying thank you. This can be to an individual person, environment, or even a situation that presents itself. It’s very difficult to practice on day in and day out, but once we started to do it we noticed a general lift in company morale.

How to adopt gratitude in the workplace:

Start with specifics:

Gratitude starts with seeing what to be grateful for. For that, you’re going to need to understand and be observant of your surroundings. It isn’t easy by any stretch, but it is well worth it.

Follow with why:

The next part to consider when adopting gratitude in the workplace is to consider why you should be grateful. Gratefulness needs context. Understand why it’s good to be grateful. Is it because your colleagues get benefit from it? Is it for your own personal reasons? Find your why.

Understand the how:

Gratefulness needs some kind of guidelines to function effectively. Without guidelines, it won’t be effective. Some companies have their own internal language to describe different methods of saying “thank you”, like an assist.

Take down the walls:

Finally, the best way to practice gratefulness at work is to remove the barriers between employees to be able to say thank you. Freedom of expression is hard in an environment that does not have open lines of communication. Allowing for this will help build a culture of gratitude.

Having an attitude of gratitude is so important, for both personal and professional reasons. Here at WooBoard we pride ourselves on being able to say thank you, we even built an app for that!

WooBoard is a peer to peer recognition platform where your employees can send public messages of thanks and appreciation to their colleagues. Sign up for your free 14-Day Trial of WooBoard today.

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