We can be heroes: Side Benefits of using an employee engagement platform

We all have different pieces of software that we use at work, and often they tie in with helping us be more productive. Of these different pieces of software, Employee Engagement Platforms have become one of the most popular ways to passively increase employee productivity through rewards and recognition. The benefits of this are clear, in that being recognised makes you feel good, and helps you do good work.
There are other benefits to using employee engagement platforms that go beyond this core value proposition. Employee Engagement Platforms like WooBoard can provide employees with a means of communication, a springboard for ideas, and most of all, a source of inspiration.

We can be heroes

The David Bowie song “Heroes” has the simple chorus: “we can be heroes”. This simple message has been repeated many, many times over in a variety of contexts, but for now we will use it in the context of employee engagement.
Employee Engagement Platforms are a way for employees to be inspired from a single source. For some companies, Employee Engagement Platforms become an everlasting fountain of inspiration internally. When recognition is published in a single source, its effect is amplified, letting employees know that good work is being done in their workplace. This helps good work go viral.
Eventually, with enough employee recognition, employees can be inspired to do good work. Hence, “we can be heroes”.

The means of communication

One of the ways we have seen WooBoard be used amongst organisations is as a means of communications internally. WooBoard’s Status Update feature lets employees broadcast their own communications quickly and effectively. Instead of simply sending messages via email, a Woo is more likely to be looked at than an email as it is viewable in public. By making communication public, any internal communication can be broadcast widely.

The other way that employee engagement platforms like WooBoard are used is in that they give employees a chance to communicate their internal dialogues, such as expressions of gratitude, positive internal feedback and even to share their wins.

A springboard for ideas

Finally, one of the best ways that Employee Engagement Platforms can be utilised is as a springboard for ideas. By constantly being able to be provided with inspiration sources, employees can use these engagement platforms as a springboard for ideas.

Of course, the most important way in which Employee Engagement Platforms are used is in building up employee engagement (as if to state the obvious). Engagement manifests itself in lots of different ways, but ultimately if the engagement is positive, the platform is simply the means to the end goal.

WooBoard is a peer to peer recognition platform where your employees can send public messages of thanks and appreciation to their colleagues. Sign up for your free 14-Day Trial of WooBoard today.

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