The Top 5 Wellness at work apps

There’s an app for everything nowadays. Budget tracking: there’s an app for that. Can’t work out what that song is? There’s an app for that. Every idea you could possibly imagine has a smartphone app these days, and the industry is booming. There’s even an app that allows you to send a “yo” to anyone you like (and yet no-one has created my ideal app that lets you scan a recipe into a nutrition calculator).

There are many smartphone apps on the market available to improve your health and wellbeing. Improving the health and wellbeing of your employees is a great way to focus on their engagement, and subsequently their productivity at work. As the market for workplace-based wellness apps grows, we’re starting to see a greater shift in the emphasis organizations place on wellness over other areas productivity and time management. Ever since the advent of the “mindfulness” revolution, workplaces are turning to wellness also as a means to engage their employees. So how can you as a manager help out?

Here are my top 5 “wellness at work” apps:

  1. Welltok (Formerly Keas)
    This is a workplace-specific health platform and represents an entirely new way for healthcare tracking. An organisation signs up for an office account, and then provides employees with an organisation key to access the platform. Once there, they can challenge each other to exercise-based competitions, set weight goals, track nutrition and even medications, whilst sharing their progress with their coworkers. The workplace then becomes a team of gym buddies, and everyone knows gym buddies help you succeed in your goals. With their increased health and wellness they become more engaged, more productive employees and everybody wins.
  2. Hotseat
    A similar, but slightly distinct app, Hotseat is a workplace-specific health app which is based on challenges. These are workplace-wide challenges and the last man or woman standing is crowned the winner. Additionally, Hotseat gives reminders to increase activity when employees have been sitting at the desk for long periods of time.
  3. MyFitnessPal
    Not a workplace-specific app, but a very good application nonetheless.  MyFitnessPal is the original nutrition tracker. It is a very efficient application which allows users to scan barcodes of products in order to incorporate their nutrition information into the tracker logs. Subsequent versions became better at recognising local products and made the usability better for customers.
  4. Elevate
    A brain-training app which offers cognition training games to improve the user’s skills with writing, speaking, listening and mathematics. This writer is hoping to see a few improvements of her own. So far, at the very least, the games have been very entertaining.
  5. Headspace
    Last, but certainly not least, is the meditation and mindfulness app, “Headspace”. Guided lessons provide the user with training that enables them to tackle the practice of mindfulness at their own pace.  Professionals all over the healthcare and mental health sectors recommend patients utilise the application to practice mindfulness at home. However, this application is not just for those who struggle with mental health, it can assist those who are mentally healthy to improve their emotional well-being.
    The practice of mindfulness can lead to a less stressful and more fulfilling life all around. With more mindfulness, anything is possible!

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