5 ways to boost your company culture

The culture of a workplace is key in its productivity. One of the most effective ways to position a company for growth is to build a culture of success into its DNA. Having a healthy culture ensures that the light never goes out in the workplace, as employees become self-starting and constantly engaged.

We’ve seen many methods that have been applied to the workplace designed to keep employees engaged, but there is no better way to encourage employee engagement than to embrace the workplace culture. We’ll break it down a bit further into what makes a winning culture.

Here are 5 key areas to boost your company culture.

Create a culture of context

Creating a culture of context in the workplace is the first step in creating engaged employees in the workplace. By establishing a culture of context, employees understand how their work fits in within the context of their team, and in turn, how their actions within their team has impact in the organisation. Employees are in turn bolstered by team pride and will act to encourage each other to contribute their best to the work effort. Knowing where you stand within a company, and having a culture of context can keep employees engaged for longer.

A culture of Gratitude speaks volumes

The simple act of saying thank you to employees for their contribution to the successes of the workplace has been shown to improve their engagement (1). In turn this reduces absenteeism, and improves job satisfaction. The appreciation expressed doesn’t need to be provided in the form of expensive gifts, promotions or bonuses. In fact a simple email, or company announcement at the beginning of the meeting can be enough to reap the benefits of the enhanced positivity and culture of the workplace.

Specific shoutouts lead to incremental improvements

It is quite important to be specific in acknowledging the contributions of your team members, and to be the first to point them out. As a manager, being the spokesperson initially of your team’s success shows your engagement in the efforts of the team, and makes the individual employee feel valued and nurtured. Naming an employee’s specific contribution they provided in a team setting, as well as describing the challenges and hurdles they faced in the process has the effect of not only rewarding that individual, but giving their coworkers a chance to admire and aspire to the same level of success.

Creative celebrations help express team culture

One step further to the specific shoutouts is to organise company gatherings for the bigger successes. When organising these celebrations, be creative. Whilst keeping in line with the company policy, celebrating successes furthers a sense of company pride by employees and improves the fun side of work. Examples that we have seen are a health app startup having their top performers celebrate their new software release with day at the spa, to reinforce the relaxing atmosphere they were seeking to provide with their app. The specifics of the situation will vary upon the individual culture in that workplace. But the innovative take on the company event, rather than having a simple dinner or party, is sure to be appreciated by employees.

A culture of inclusion builds trust

Finally, one of the most topical aspects of employee culture is inclusion. There are many ways that inclusion can be built into culture, such as sharing information between teams, holding hybrid meetings between salespeople and developers, and dedicating Slack channels to information sharing between teams.

In the time poor environment of many workplaces, it may not alway be feasible to create wholesale changes to the company culture, However, small improvements to company culture made every day can turn the tide for employees, and keep them further engaged in their day to day activities. Implementing small incremental change is not a costly or time consuming exercise, and though some employers may feel that the reward of the compensation received for doing a job is satisfactory, this can easily disproved by the evidence (but that’s another story) (1).

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  1. Waters L. Predicting job satisfaction: contributions of individual gratitude and institutionalised gratitude. Psychology. 2012;3(12A):1174-6.


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