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“Quality Time” at Work – How to Create and Quantify It

We tend to think of quality time as the precious hours we spend memory-making with loved ones.  And yet, the reality is that we spend more time with those we work with. So why does it follow that we therefore don’t view time spent in the workplace with our co-workers as “quality time”. Or is that too strange a concept for people to grasp, when we so often talk about improving our work-life balance in favor of life?

Of course, we’re not about to argue that time spent at work is “worth” more than time spent with family and friends, however, time spent at work and with colleagues and the staff you manage could, and perhaps should, also be thought of as “quality time”.  After all, no matter how busy things get during various times of the year (e.g. like holidays), both require people to be contributing members who fulfill certain responsibilities. So why not be brave and reconsider how you spend your time at work with these “because you’re worth it” suggestions that can improve the quality of the time you spend at work and with your staff:

  • Team Building retreats and outings are outdated. Their effects are sporadic and the moments are short-lived, at best.  Why not consider scheduling team building activities, such as Trivial Pursuit Tuesdays, a book club, or maybe a little old-fashioned Pictionary: The Office Edition.  It is more consistent than a forced annual event, it can provide something for staff to look forward to on a regular basis and it is a far more effective method to help you achieve your desired outcome: a well-connected team that enjoys working (and playing!) together.
  • Command everyone to get Zen!  Schedule “urgent” emails that remind staff to get up from their chairs, strike a yoga pose or do a little shimmy.  Play a lively and motivating song at the beginning of everyone’s shift (may we recommend “Eye of the Tiger” or “Don’t Stop Me Now”.  Remember that motion creates both energy and emotion, and how we feel and hold ourselves impacts our creativity, productivity and mood.  Setting aside a five minute time slot to have a happier, more dynamic and industrious staff – it’s not a bad investment.
  • Forget the annual employee evaluation – schedule a workplace evaluation!  Your business can probably be improved and the people who represent the organizations – your employees – probably have some valuable feedback since they are your front line representatives.  Furthermore, it provides staff with a sense of engagement and the feeling of being valued, which is not always achieved when they are asked to assess just themselves or to have their abilities measured in a hierarchical dynamic.

While business is your first priority and work is, well, work, don’t forget that the people representing the company are people.  The value and quality you attribute to the time they choose to spend representing your organization will transform into productivity and results you can show off at the end of the quarter.

What about your team?  How do you connect with its members to optimize the quality and quantity time you are spending together?

This contribution comes from the scheduling group at Findmyshift. Their web based application helps keeps personnel shifts organized and efficient.


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