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Bad Boss Blues: Four Morale-Sapping Mistakes To Avoid

Guest post by Rianne Hunter

Although bosses have a variety of responsibilities that they must complete in order to ensure that their businesses function well, maintaining positive, productive relationships with their employees can be one of their most difficult tasks to accomplish. Unfortunately, many bosses find themselves engaging in activities that actually detract from the development of good relationships with their employees. If you’re trying to avoid being a bad boss, be sure to side-step these four morale-sapping mistakes:

1. Micromanaging

While there are many things a boss can do to irritate and undermine employees, micromanaging is one of the worst. With micromanaging, a boss does not give employees the freedom and agency necessary to successfully complete tasks on their own. Instead, the boss constantly asks questions pertaining to the status of the project, how soon work will be completed, and what types of resources are being used to work on it. In addition to showing your employees that you do not trust their ability to get the job done, micromanaging actually interrupts their process of completing assignments.

2. Lack of Employee Appreciation

Another morale-sapping mistake bosses should seek to avoid is failing to show appreciation for employees who consistently do an outstanding job. There are a variety of ways you can show appreciation for these employees, including by having an employee of the month celebration. When you take the time to show your excellent employees that you recognize what a great job they’re doing, they will likely keep up the good work. When their hard work goes unnoticed, however, they are more likely to slack off.

3. Resisting Change

Resisting change is one of the worst things that a boss can do, especially in a contemporary era marked by rapid technological updates. If you’re not receptive to technological devices and programs like real-time HRIS software that can help your business function with greater efficacy, you are ensuring that your employees have to work harder unnecessarily. To overcome this “bad boss” trait, get in the habit of listening to new ideas and learning when old ways of doing things need to be set aside permanently.

4. Forgetting Basic Employee Information

It is important for bosses to know basic employee information, such as names, birthdays, and official title. Knowing this information ensures that your employees understand that you do not view them as a number, but rather a person. If you don’t know this information already, take the time to learn it.

If you’re interested in ensuring that your business experiences continual growth and expansion, you should know that fostering positive, productive relationships with your employees can help. If you’re a bad boss, however, your ability to connect with and motivate your employees can be greatly hampered. To ensure that you become the best boss possible, be sure to consider the four morale-sapping mistakes above-and avoid them!


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