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Image for Employee Incentive Program Ideas

Guest post by Adrienne Erin If your company is looking to reward and recognize hardworking employees, then you need to implement an incentive program. Although incentives such as bonuses and commissions are easy go-tos, especially in the world of sales, there are many other things companies can do for their employees that are both rewarding …

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Image of Excited and Happy Employee

We tend to think of quality time as the precious hours we spend memory-making with loved ones.  And yet, the reality is that we spend more time with those we work with. So why does it follow that we therefore don’t view time spent in the workplace with our co-workers as “quality time”. Or is …

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Image of Google Logo

Guest post by Jim Rock Google is the top company in the world right now. While the search engine has enjoyed success for many reasons, Google’s continued commitment to improving employee engagement and keeping employees happy may very well contribute to the company’s huge success. Let’s look to Google for ways to keep employees happy.

Image: Employee Activities

“How to motivate employees” is the most common query typed into Google by managers and HR professionals, attracting over 8,100 searches per month. This shouldn’t be surprising when you consider that staff motivation is a universal problem faced by all companies and does not have a single solution. There are a lot of different ideas …

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Tips for Engaging Employees

Guest post by Rianne Hunter Although bosses have a variety of responsibilities that they must complete in order to ensure that their businesses function well, maintaining positive, productive relationships with their employees can be one of their most difficult tasks to accomplish. Unfortunately, many bosses find themselves engaging in activities that actually detract from the …

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