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Employee Engagement Activities

Employee engagement activities are becoming a more common focus for managers and leaders in the modern workplace. The reason for this is simple: employee engagement activities are a great investment. If implemented correctly, they boost team motivation, productivity have a significant and lasting impact on a company’s bottom line.

Creating an environment that is highly motivating and engaging will ultimately lead to increased worker output of individual employees; therefore leading to greater business success and competitiveness. A focus on this can be particularly effective with repetitive and tedious workflows; such as dealing with spreadsheets in accounting firms.

It is important to utilise these strategies and overcome ‘boredom’ that can be detrimental to worker motivation, examples include:

  • Organizing workers into teams to collaborate individual ideas on projects
  • Organizing team lunches
  • Allowing a ‘20% time’ where individual employees can work on any new idea they might have and present it to colleagues

Managers and other directorial figureheads in companies often struggle however to come up with new ideas for employee engagement activities on a consistent basis; here are some further ideas on how to keep your employees happy:

1.  It’s not always about the gold watch

Flexible working hours and other non-monetary incentives are just as effective.

2.  Recognition from the top is important

Recognition means more when it is genuine and not just an automated message from top management. Encourage employees as a team but also as individuals. A but of personal recognition makes a huge difference.

3.  Recognition from peers is even more important

Recognition from the top is great, but if it is too frequent and repetitive it can lose meaning. After a while, the law of diminishing returns starts to apply. Because almost all companies are organised with more employees are the foundation level, this means that there are more opportunities for new, genuine and varied recognition.

4.  Use Technology

Many new hires will be generation X,Y, Z who are born digital and social. If you want to keep their attention off Facebook and on your business, use technology platforms that engage and keep their attention. Hint: e-mail won’t be enough.

5.  Have Fun!

It’s not all about work. While it sounds a bit counter-intuitive, giving your employees time to rest, relax and enjoy each other’s company in a non-work setting can seriously boost motivation, productivity and efficiency. An employee that feels appreciated and cared about often goes the extra mile.

WooBoard gives a workplace the advantage of communication and recognition in one accessible and fun platform, enabling effective employee engagement activities to take place.


Align values, engage and motivate with WooBoard; an employee recognition platform that encourages happier, more productive workplaces.
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2 thoughts on “Employee Engagement Activities

  1. James Scully says:

    Great article with useful bite-sized tips and ideas for employee engagement activities. I especially think that point 4 makes a lot of sense. The generational change in employees is turning more and more quickly, and we need solutions that fit with and work for that generation.


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