Workplace Engagement: Measurable Organizational Value

One of the most difficult aspects of workplace engagement is not only maintaining motivation; but also figuring out the measurable organizational value of a company. Within this article we will define what measurable organizational value means; as well as why it is important to promoting a more engaging and productive business culture.

What does it mean?

Measurable organizational value in relation to employee engagement can refer to analyzing, examining and promoting a company’s specific vision, goals and values that it prides itself upon.

It can relate to implementing values into daily business operations, breaking them down into smaller, focused segments and range from sales analysis to simply achieving specific long and short-term goals during project and product development.

Why is it important?

Measurable organizational value forms the key foundation to the success of a business. Without any focus on direction and value, a company and its employees will not know where it wants to be and how it wants to get there.

Can we have some examples?

To put measurable organizational value into practice; a manager can tell a team of employees to focus on developing a new line of sporting products specifically tailored for women aged 21-25.

The team of employees would then take into account any values the company might have such as a focus on environment-friendly production to develop innovative merchandise that suits the existing image of the business brand itself; in the most effective and efficient way.

Utilize WooBoard’s employee recognition platform today to promote constant and personalized feedback and praise within a workplace; relative to core company culture, values and vision.

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