Dan Pink: The “3rd Drive” – Overcoming Barriers to Employee Engagement

Here’s another video from HR mastermind Dan Pink; examining the neurological process of motivation and the “3rd Drive” employees have when they attempt conceptual work that challenges their creativity.

Within the video, Pink describes the term “cognitive employee engagement”; where its important to build a culture of trust through organizing teams as well as valuing and recognizing individual employee efforts. At WooBoard we are all about positive feedback and praise; by building a welcoming and productive business culture through constantly communicating its values, vision and goals.

RECOGNITION is key, and it is too often neglected and/or misguided with its importance, show recognition to:

  1. Let colleagues and teams know you have noticed what they have achieved
  2. Develop an incentive for work with personal praise
  3. Promote employees to achieve on a regular basis
  4. Build a productive and efficient working culture

RECOGNITION increases: motivation, self-confidence and esteem, ability to work independently, creativity and conceptual ability; as well as quality of work.

A further summary:

Pink describes there is motivation beyond the biological and materialistic needs of earning money and success:

“As long as the task involved only mechanical skill, bonuses worked as they would be expected: the higher the pay, the better the performance.

[BUT] “Once the task called for even ‘rudimentary cognitive skill’ , a larger reward led to poorer performance”


Develop, promote and foster the neurological “3rd Drive” with WooBoard; an employee recognition platform that is focused towards consistent, personalized and positive praise in a workplace.

photo credit: thinredjellies via photopin cc

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