Image: How to Engage Gen Y Employees

Increase workplace engagement through organizational communication and employee recognition

Since launching two years ago, the WooBoard team has grown; and with it has our knowledge and understanding on the importance of recognition and praise. I recently published a post summarizing author Dan Pink’s presentation on what motivates and engages employees in the modern workplace, here’s a deeper analysis:

What Pink thinks:

  • It is not about control; it’s about providing opportunities for self-direction.
  • People want to make progress; they want to get better at something.
  • Value alignment ensures productivity; it all ties into building a culture of recognition and praise.

What we know and understand:

  • Flattened management approaches are becoming more common; attempting to increase innovation and productivity by allowing greater inputs from individual workers and teams.
  • Recognition and praise boosts engagement, finding and increasing the ‘value’ in completing work.
  • Building a culture of productivity stems from engagement… which arrives through recognition!
  • Recognition that is shared, tracked and aligned to core company vision, goals and values is the most effective.
  • Recognition enables intrinsic motivation (removing the short-term “if-then” problem)

Building a culture of autonomy and self-direction can greatly boost innovation, productivity and competitiveness for a workplace. WooBoard is an online, accessible employee recognition platform allowing for consistent and effective praise to take place; acting as a powerful elevator pushing engagement and motivation between all levels of a company’s hierarchy.

photo credit: JD Hancock cc

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