Motivate employees, let them self-actualize

Why do we care whether our employees are highly motivated or engaged?

It is widely acknowledged that the level of motivation is highly correlated with the level of productivity and work effort. Motivated employees proactively communicate and engage with others in workplaces leading to building creative ideas.

But, a lot of management approaches to employees with inappropriate ways to motivate and recognize them. The reason most employee motivation efforts fail would be the poor understanding of the definition of motivation.

Marslaw’s theory of motivation suggests the needs for motivation as shown in the following hierarchy:

Marslaw Motivation

The critical idea is that employers need to show respect to employees and support their self-actualization.

As employees face heavy working hours, they want to satisfy their needs in the workplace through communication and engagement with others, being recognized by their boss, and personal achievement etc.

What is your understanding of motivation?

Most companies try to reduce workload or give awards, holidays or bonus cash in order to sustain the level of motivation and productivity. However, once monetary and rest needs are satisfied, they are unlikely to be motivators anymore. Unfortunately, this poor idea pervades across the modern workplaces.

The trends of employee motivation face innovation where it must reflect personal aspects instead of mere job aspects; employees deliver the business value to their clients and it is the time for employees to discover their own value within the workplace. Your management needs to change its role from a supervisor to a value creator for the employee.

Once employees find their value and self-actualization, they will grow as highly productive business leaders.

photo credit: woodleywonderworks via photopin cc

2 thoughts on “Motivate employees, let them self-actualize

  1. C_Peterson! says:

    Motivation is important because motivation is money these days! It is important because workplace comprises of human beings and not robot who have that switch off and on command! With human being the need of positive environment is a prerequisite and therefore motivation is must. Thanks for sharing wisdom through your post, I second you thought of satisfaction in work.

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