Preparing for a salary review

Salary reviews can be really panicking for employees, while the same is true for the supervisor and human resource manager. No matter on which side of the line you are, preparing for a salary review might mean discussions and long hours of questioning. If you are heading the task or a preparing a salary review for a set of employees and don’t want to be too much ideological or straightforward, check the things that you must undertake as a part of the management.

Writing in full: Oral salary reviews are neither authentic nor they convey any meaning in technical sense. Busy or not, always offer your employees complete salary reviews in full.

First things to write: Getting started with salary reviews is the most crucial thing. Ideally, such reviews should start with employee job details. Moving further, you must look for accomplishments that an employee can be credited during the evaluation period. Examples and references are essential to support statements.

Get references: Supporting the pros and cons in an employee salary review is crucial, which is why one needs citations and inputs from the peer, desk neighbours and subordinates.

Know the underlying and primary reasons: At the first place, preparing for a salary review might seem that you have to offer and disclose salary improvements and additional benefits such as bonuses. However, taking a look at the action deep below you have many other tasks to perform.

While an instant monetary push may seem to be totally encouraging, you need to make sure that the salary review boosts the employee for better performance. Supervisors need to make sure that they draw suggestions and emphasis on employee fortes, strengths and positives. Also, it is crucial to give a brief outline of the weaknesses along with the suggestions that they can work on the same.

Show the impact: Most supervisors fail to show the impact that an employee may have on a project. Setting examples and showing the employee that his inputs have made a project or task extremely forward moving is an indispensable part of any salary review. Take the references from the tasks, jobs, projects or work an employee has been assigned, and technically express how his presence has boosted the overall job.

Offering suggestions and improvements: A large portion of salary review focuses on offering suggestions to employees on improvement and working on weaknesses. While the messages need to be in strong words, it is extremely crucial for any reviewer to ensure that the message section is not overloaded. Strong words and limited lines should be the focus here.

Offer a brief: Before inviting an employee for salary review meeting, ensure that you have prepared a brief statement on the matter in the full review. The employee must be hinted on what he can expect in the meeting, so that he can prepare about facing the question-answer session.

Use tools: Traditional ways of writing staff reviews are a matter of the past now. Today, there are smart enterprise culture tools such as Wooboard that can be used to derive fast facts about employees and use the same for comprehensive reviews that are based on actual tools.

Assigning new tasks: If an employee has to be entrusted with new tasks and responsibilities with salary hike, it is essential the same must be discussed and mentioned in detail in a separate page.

Finally, it is the task of the management to get the prepared salary review signed, so that it is documented that the employee has received things in written.



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