Enterprise Cultural Analytics

How important is enterprise cultural analytics for any firm? There was a time when interacting with employees and deriving the best from them seemed to be one of the toughest tasks for the management. In fact, for some managers, the task of getting expected employee involvement seemed to be much more difficult than meeting sales targets. This is where it was felt that a strong enterprise tool was needed to make the process analyzing enterprise culture easy, meaningful, and needless to mention, possible. Discussed in this article is a simplified list of benefits that enterprise cultural analytics can offer for any business.

Recognise great performances: The first task for any management is to identify those employees who are consistent in their performances and are improving and excelling at their jobs. Manual analysis and calculations are complicated, and unfortunately, whether knowingly or unknowingly, managers become biased towards a few. As such, having a tool that can make enterprise cultural analytics is like having a boon. Managers can find the employees with such tools with a few sessions.

Get attached to core values: While every enterprise spends ample time in creating values, and later on, on revision of these values, they hardly pay interest to the actual attachment that employees have towards these principles. With enterprise cultural analytics, management can incline and show the employees the value of being associated with the company goals without being preachy about the same. For example, Wooboard, a well known enterprise cultural analytics tool, helps businesses to get close to their core values by interactive sessions. More than 1000 companies are registered with them, which clearly shows the benefits that such a tool offers.

Know your employees: The main task of enterprise cultural analytics is not just to find the great performances within a team, but it also aids the management in knowing the employees. Managers can know the tasks and projects that employees are working on, and based on that, they can find the emerging talents and recognize that are performing consistently well.

Know the basics of enterprise cultural analytics: How much is an employee influenced by company values? How much is his contribution towards his job and within the team? Has his contribution in the team added any value to the entire project? These are small questions which are often left unanswered by managers, but are unavoidable. With tools designed exclusively to understand employee relationships and enterprise culture, getting the actual results is not a difficult task anymore.

With hundreds of companies investing on enterprise cultural analytics, the focus on the same has increased tremendously. Apart from establishing a connection among employees and company, such tools are getting popular because spotlighting and bringing attention to the core values has never been so much fun, interactive and practical. Managers around the globe have found these tools to be great for generating factual reports that convey actual meaning to the company with regards to performance and expectations. This can also be a great way to understand and frame staff reviews.


Align values, engage and motivate with WooBoard; an employee recognition platform that encourages happier, more productive workplaces.

photo credit: William Hook via photopin cc

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